Why Is My Shower Drain Making Weird Noises?

A clump of hair caught inside a shower drain.

Stepping into the shower should represent one of the most relaxing parts of your day. You step in, let the warm water wash away the stresses of your day, and relax. So when your shower drain starts making strange gurgling noises, it ruins the moment and causes anxiety. 

What You Need to Know When Repiping Your Home

A plumbing system consisting of white pipes running along a basement wall.

Most homeowners end up taking their plumbing for granted. They assume that their pipes will hold up for the long haul and stay in one piece for as long as they live there. However, there comes the point when the plumbing system fails, and you will need to get your home repiped. When faced with […]

Do Your Pipes Have Proper Insulation for the Winter?

Person putting insulation over an exposed pipe

Now that the leaves are changing, the days grow shorter, and the temperatures start to drop, fall is squarely in the air. While many homeowners focus on raking leaves and getting their homes ready for Halloween, potential hidden dangers won’t show their faces until the worst possible time. One such risk is poorly insulated pipes […]

Unclogging Your Kitchen Sink—Separating Fact From Fiction

A clogged and overflowing sink

Having a clogged kitchen sink isn’t unusual, but it still isn’t anything that people want to deal with. Thankfully, with the internet at the tap of our fingertips, we can look up a solution to unclogging it without having to call a professional plumber. However, with all the different drain cleaning tricks on the web, […]

Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Harmful to My Pipes?

Person pouring liquid drain cleaning down a bathroom sink

When homeowners run into clogged kitchen or bathroom drains, they want to know if they have any immediate fixes to the available problem. They might go to the nearest grocery store and find the leading brand of liquid drain cleaner, expecting it to be a cure-all for their drain problems. However, they might have grabbed […]

In “Sync” — How to Properly Use, Clean, and Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Close up of a kitchen sink

There’s a lot going on under the typical kitchen sink. Plumbing connects from the sink itself to the garbage disposal where a dishwasher connection — hopefully with a proper air gap or similar feature — joins the line. From there, everything goes through a typical P trap and down the drain. If you have the […]

The “Unflushables”: The Top 10 Items You Should Never Ever Flush Down Your Drain

toilet bowl flushing

Unless you enjoy the challenge of a stubborn drain or toilet clog, you’ll want to ensure that your home’s plumbing system runs smoothly. Many obstacles can bog down the free flow of your plumbing system. Sometimes tree roots grow into the seams of underground pipes. In other instances, pipes collapse and need replacement. However, the […]