Most homeowners end up taking their plumbing for granted. They assume that their pipes will hold up for the long haul and stay in one piece for as long as they live there. However, there comes the point when the plumbing system fails, and you will need to get your home repiped. When faced with this prospect, most people don’t know what to expect, which leads to increased anxiety and unease. 

Dan’s Drain Services is here to help soothe those anxious feelings by prepping you for the repiping process. We’ll break down what to expect and how long it will take for a complete repipe of your home. 

How to Know It’s Time for New Pipes

While it can prove difficult to tell that the time has come for you to upgrade your home’s pipes without the use of expert plumbing service, you can look for these potential indicators: 

  • Frequent Leaks
  • Water Discoloration
  • Rust on Exposed Tubing
  • Pipe Dimpling
  • Signs of Corrosion 

Additionally, for people living in older homes, the materials used in the original piping can potentially prove outdated and dangerous. If you know that your home hasn’t undergone a significant repiping since it was first built, contacting a pipe insulation contractor in Medina, OH, can help you determine if your home needs new piping. 

What to Expect When Repiping a House

For homeowners addressing long-standing residential plumbing problems, repiping their home might prove the solution to their woes, but they may not know how long the process will take. Factors outside of your control play a direct role in how long the process can take, but usually it takes two days to a week. The size of your home and the pipe materials play essential roles in determining the length of the repiping project. 

Smaller Homes Lead to Quicker Turnaround Times

Your plumber of choice won’t have as much area to cover when replacing your old pipes with newer materials for smaller homes. A one-story house will have less piping to replace than a larger mansion. 

Piping Materials

As time has progressed and more research conducted on the effects that different metals have on water, the science behind the materials used for home plumbing has changed. Gone are when lead and polybutylene were commonly used in piping construction, now replaced with galvanized steel pipes, brass pipes, and copper pipes. 

Each type of material will have a different lifespan, but you should still stay vigilant and lookout for signs of trouble.   

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Pipes?

Repiping your home requires you to schedule service appointments that can take up a significant amount of time. While emergency plumbing services can fix issues that spring up unexpectedly, there are some times where it makes the most sense to address pipes that need replacing. 

When Your Pipes are Exposed

Most of the time, getting access to your plumbing system requires extensive excavation that takes up much of the time of your Medina, OH plumbers. However, you can find exposed pipes in your basement, crawl spaces, and other exposed areas in some homes. It may not fix the entirety of your issues, but it’s a good starting point. 

During Home Renovations

Additionally, if your home is undergoing renovations, it can prove an opportune time for you to repipe your home. When remodeling a specific portion of your home, take the time to hire an experienced plumbing contractor to come and inspect the plumbing in that part of your home. You can swiftly identify if those pipes need repiping and get them done before the rest of the renovations are completed. 

Get an Experienced Plumber to Repipe Your Home

Repiping your home can prove to be an anxiety inducing affair, but with the right plumbing contractor on your side, you can get your home repiped in no time. Contact the Dan’s Drain Services team to schedule your next appointment today!

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