Your home’s main sewer line is critical to ensuring the proper disposal of waste from a residence. Most homeowners know the importance of their drain lines, but do you know where to locate them? Sewer problems require immediate attention, which means you need to know how to find them to diagnose problems. Fortunately, uncovering a home’s main sewer line isn’t difficult, and once done, you can take steps to keep the drain lines and property safe.

Find the Drain Cleanout

The best way to locate the main sewer line is to find the drain cleanout. This is where you can get your lines hydro jetted or cleaned out from debris stuck on the drain piping walls. Your sewer cleanout will have a large cap, and its location will typically be somewhere in the backyard or around the home.

You can find the sewer cleanout by identifying the location of the septic tank or municipal main line. Estimate the location of the drain cleanout by finding the nearest manhole and tracing it back into your yard. Search the area, and be sure to remove leaves and debris in case the cleanout is covered by a ton of shrubbery.

In some cases, you might have a buried sewer cleanout. For this, you can check the area outside your home directly underneath or nearest to one of the indoor bathrooms.

Finding Your Main Sewer Line in Your Home

It’s also possible to find your main sewer line in your house by following the drains from the toilets, washing machines, or sinks. Follow the large PVC or cast iron pipes that lead to your main sewer line, and if you don’t have a basement, check the crawl spaces. 

Typically, your drain cleanout inside your home will be T or Y-shaped and be located right before your home’s foundation meets the main line. Also, remember that many homes have a drain cleanout that isn’t located on the main line, so keep an eye out for access points in other locations around the residence.

Still Can’t Locate Your Sewer Line? Try These Measures

While finding access points to main sewer lines doesn’t require you to decode a map, they aren’t always built to be extremely noticeable either. When in doubt, there are still a few ways to find a drain cleanout and main sewer line. 

If you recently purchased the home, or you’re still in contact with the previous homeowner, you can reach out and ask them about the main line’s location. You can also call your city or visit City Hall and ask for a property map, which indicates the location of major points around the homes in your area. When in serious doubt, you can always call a plumber and ask about how their residential plumbing services can help identify the main sewer line.

What to Do If Your Drain Clogs

You never want a main sewer line clog to go unnoticed, as it can damage your home and lead to costly repairs. Fortunately, there are plenty of signs that point to a sewer system clog, including:

  • Slow Running Drains
  • Multiple Backups in a Home
  • Overflowing When the Washing Machine Drains
  • Gurgling From Toilet Drains
  • Multiple Backups at a Time

So what do you do if you notice one or all of these problems? Fortunately, residents in and around Medina, OH, can make a call to Dan’s Drain Services. Our professional drain services can not only identify the cause of your main sewer line problems but also repair issues and clear clogs. If you want to keep your sewer line and drains clean, reach out to our plumbing professionals and keep your drains operating efficiently and effectively.

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