Stepping into the shower should represent one of the most relaxing parts of your day. You step in, let the warm water wash away the stresses of your day, and relax. So when your shower drain starts making strange gurgling noises, it ruins the moment and causes anxiety. 

When it comes to your shower drain, you want it to make as little noise as possible. Routine shower maintenance can help keep the noises to a minimum, but they can quickly come back if you don’t know the root causes of the problems. However, your shower drain can be as noiseless as possible with a proper maintenance and cleaning routine!

Identifying the Source

After you identify that the gurgling sound comes from the shower, you can start the process of figuring out the main cause of the sound. For most plumbing problems, if the sound you hear only comes from one particular fixture, then it’s most likely that the fixture’s pipes have clogging issues. 

It’s when you hear gurgling sounds coming from multiple sources in one area that you may have a more significant plumbing problem on your hands. Finding a residential plumbing service can help you quickly identify where this sound is coming from and give you your peace of mind back. 

Try Venting the System

Regulating air pressure throughout your plumbing system helps keep everything in order. Your plumbing system features a series of plumbing venting that regulates the air pressure throughout your home. As with AC and laundry ventilation systems, blockages can occur. 

Even if the sound is coming from your shower, you might hear it through your vents. When you flush the toilet, it can potentially help clear out any blockages in your ducts and eliminate the gurgling sound in your plumbing system. 

Check for Soap Scum and Hair Blockages

Every time we take our daily shower, soap scum gets the chance to form along the tub and in your drains. Additionally, humans shed a copious amount of hair throughout the day, and a sizeable amount of that hair ends up in your shower drain. Over time, the scum and hair accumulate and grow into a sizable blockage that will need some help to break it up thoroughly. 

You can try using a drain snake to help break up the blockage; however, you should avoid using commercial liquid drain cleaners as much as possible. These corrosive solutions require staying in contact with the blockage for a long time before they do enough to loosen it. They could potentially damage your pipes during that time, and you’ll need to call in the experts to fix the problem. 

Check the P-Trap

Sometimes the noises coming from your shower don’t have anything to do with a clog — sometimes, it’s gas-related. The p-trap is a curved piece of pipe underneath your sink or shower drain that prevents gases from your sewer line from entering your bathroom. The sound of these gases moving past the broken p-trap mimics the gurgling sound of a blockage. Extended exposure to these gases can cause lightheadedness, headaches, fatigue, and nausea.

Call In the Experts From Dan’s Drain Services

No matter the root cause of your gurgling shower drain, you want to have the problem addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s where the Dan’s Drain Services team can help! Dan’s Drain’s expertly trained plumbers have the expertise to identify the problems with your drains and get your system back on track. 

Don’t put off getting your gurgling shower drain checkout by the professionals. Contact our team of emergency drain cleaning professionals to schedule your next appointment today!

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