Plumbing Repair Services Medina, OH

Fixing your plumbing problems can be a constant and frustrating experience for many. That’s why at Dan’s Drain Services, our highly experienced and trained professionals will help walk you through the process necessary to fix your plumbing problems and appliances, as well as any plumbing repair costs. No matter which issues are plaguing your home’s system, we are here to help with all of them. Besides general plumbing repair services for homes in Medina, OH, we also offer many other services, such as kitchen plumbing and bathroom plumbing repair, ensuring every area of your home is ideal for you and your family.

Don’t feel the need to solve your plumbing problems by yourself. We are happy to help you fix that annoying leaky faucet or even install a new plumbing system. We proudly serve all of Medina, OH, and the neighboring areas of Summit, Portage, and Cuyahoga counties. If your home in any of these areas is dealing with plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to contact us and see how our expert professionals can help you today!

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Home Plumbing Repair in Medina, OH

Does your sink always seem to be making a weird noise? Or is it constantly backing up? Your home should be where you feel safe and don’t have to worry about if your kitchen sink is not working properly or your pipe system is constantly backing up. Don’t try and tackle the problem by yourself — let us be of help! We offer many plumbing repair services for homes in Medina, OH, in hopes that we can solve any of your individual home plumbing repair needs. From video inspection services to hydro jetting, there is a solution to your plumbing problem, and we want to help you figure it out today!

Water Leak Repair Services

That leaky faucet in your kitchen or bathroom could be causing more damage than you think. There is a chance that it affects both your water pressure and quality as well as your water bill. But don’t worry yourself by trying to fix the issue yourself — turn to a professional instead!

At Dan’s Drain Services, our experts use high-quality leak detection equipment so that we can know everything that is happening inside your home’s plumbing system and give you the exact water leak repairs necessary. Using equipment like video inspection, our professional plumbing experts can look at the inside of your home plumbing system without having to remove much of the existing plumbing. Faucet repair doesn’t have to be a pain, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help solve your plumbing needs today!

Video Inspection Services

If your sink is clogged or constantly backing up, there is probably a logical explanation for why this is happening. Your first conclusion may be to clean out those pipes immediately, but that should not be the case. First and foremost, leave this job to the experts. Our expert professionals are here to help you solve your plumbing problems and give you the best sink repair service we can.

Video inspection plumbing equipment is a helpful tool to use when dealing with frustrating drain problems. As a highly recommended tool for plumbing services in Medina, OH, this equipment is a device that can be inserted into your pipe system and see what is causing the blockage. It can also assist us with leak detection for faucet repairs and other plumbing repair services. We use this equipment before the hydro jetting process so that if there is any damage to pipes or tree roots in the way, we know and can let the homeowner know of the damage.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a simple and efficient way to clear the blockage in your home plumbing system. It can be used for small blockages in your kitchen or bathroom to clean out full pipe systems. Plus, there is no need to worry about harsh chemicals in your home’s pipes because only water is used. The water is projected at such a high pressure that it can be inserted into the pipes to clean years of blockage quickly.

However, this is not a job for just anyone, as it is best handled by the pros. Our experts can help you choose the right hydro jetting method for your home. This method is a very beneficial way to help your sink repair because if nothing wrong is found with your existing pipes except blockage, you won’t have to put in a whole new piping system. But if there is an issue with the existing pipes, we also offer high-quality re-piping services that are great for the long run.