Now that the leaves are changing, the days grow shorter, and the temperatures start to drop, fall is squarely in the air. While many homeowners focus on raking leaves and getting their homes ready for Halloween, potential hidden dangers won’t show their faces until the worst possible time. One such risk is poorly insulated pipes in your home. 

While you may not have to worry about your pipes freezing until later in the winter, getting your pipes looked at by a professional drain service now can help save future headaches. But knowing the warning to be on the lookout for can help you be better prepared to face these potential frozen pipe problems. 

Visual Inspections

Ensuring your home’s pipes have the proper insulation they need starts with a thorough visual inspection. While calling experienced plumbing services can help you access harder-to-reach areas, you can look for exposed pipes in unheated areas around your home. Checking areas like the garage, crawl spaces, exterior walls, and the like can help you get in front of potential freezing issues. 

Can I DIY a Solution?

While many homeowners consider themselves handy around the house, without proper training, they can cause more significant problems. With exposed pipes, fixing insulation around the exposed areas can prove helpful in insulating the area in question, but if you want thorough recommendations to handle the issue, calling in the professionals at Dan’s Drain Services can help. 

How Can I Spot Insulation Problems?

For pipes in more challenging to reach and see areas, figuring out if they have insulation can be an exercise in futility. Identifying these plumbing issues can prove difficult — but not impossible. 

Homeowners need to be wary of certain signs that their pipes aren’t in the best condition. If prior plumbing problems have compromised your pipe’s insulation, the chances are high that the expanding frozen water may have already caused a leak in your pipes. If you spot noticeable wet spots and signs of water damage, it may be time to call in the professionals. 

Different Types of Insulation Solutions

Now that you know that your pipes have an insulation problem and that you don’t want to wait for the winter, deciding what insulation materials you use is the next step. Plumbing companies offer a wide range of insulation options for homeowners to choose from. With options such as foam board, batt insulation, and reflective insulation, to name a few, deciding what you want the end result to carry much weight in this decision. 

You can either choose to protect pipes from freezing, lower water heating costs, or increase energy efficiency; you can consult with your plumbers to determine which option works best for your plumbing system. 

Call Dan’s Drain Services Before the Winter Chill

You want to do everything you can to protect your pipes from freezing in the winter. Waiting for the winter to roll in and potentially cause a significant problem is not the way to go for most homeowners. Taking a proactive approach and scheduling a visit from the Dan’s Drain Services team in the fall helps ensure your home stays ready for the winter chill. Contact our team of pipe insulation contractors in Medina, OH, to schedule your appointment today!

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