When homeowners run into clogged kitchen or bathroom drains, they want to know if they have any immediate fixes to the available problem. They might go to the nearest grocery store and find the leading brand of liquid drain cleaner, expecting it to be a cure-all for their drain problems. However, they might have grabbed a bottle of something that will further complicate matters for their home. 

How Can Liquid Drain Cleaners Be Harmful?

In single-use capacities, liquid drain cleaners can help out in a pinch. Sometimes, you cannot get an emergency drain cleaning service to come out and see you right away. The potential dangers lie in the repeated use of the product on your pipes. 

These over-the-counter liquid drain cleaners utilize their own formulas that emphasize strong corrosive chemicals to attack and wear away any clogs. However, the downside to these chemicals is that they can begin to eat away at your pipes and cause worse problems down the line. 

Can Different Types of Clogs Have An Effect?

As with most problems with your home, the type of problem significantly impacts your possible solutions. When it comes to clogged drains, the substances causing the clogs will dictate how you should go about fixing them. Rarely should an over-the-counter liquid drain cleaner be your first choice, and it’s rarely the best solution either. 

Whether it’s hair, soap, grease, or some other foreign substance, liquid drain cleaner might offer a seemingly simple solution at first glance. The truth is, however, that it hides the problem until it snowballs later on.

Kitchen Sinks or Toilets: Is It Safe For Either?

While a less than ideal solution for clogs in general, liquid drain cleaners provide a more immediate problem for clogged toilets. Since a toilet naturally drains slower than kitchen sinks, any liquid drain solution will sit in the water for an extended period. The caustic chemicals soak and begin interacting with the porcelain of the toilet bowl and wear away at the material. The longer it sits, the more damage can be done. 

Kitchen sinks, on the other hand, can drain much faster than a clogged toilet, limiting the amount of contact the chemicals have with your pipes. However, if your plumbing uses plastic pipes, the chemical reaction can happen quickly and wear away at your pipes after a few uses. The more often you use liquid drain cleaners, the higher the likelihood of a more serious problem developing. 

What Can I Do Instead?

Instead of relying on liquid drain cleaners, homeowners have some options at their disposal. They can use an old-fashioned plunger and attack the clog head-on. Confronting the clogs with a plumbing snake or an auger can also provide a non-chemical method of breaking up the clog and restoring the proper flow. 

The most efficient way to handle clogged drains remains to call a local Medina, OH plumber to come out and help! Whether you need a pipe insulation contractor or emergency drain cleaning services, Dan’s Drain Services is here to help!

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